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Whether residential real estate, undeveloped land, long-term rented commercial properties, apartment buildings in need of renovation or special residential properties – E1 Investments is the first point of contact for the purchase of all kinds of properties nationwide and internationally.

E1 Purchase of real estate

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The focus of E1 Investments Holding is on the purchase of residential real estate, land and various commercial properties nationwide and abroad. Our real estate property companies in different German locations address real estate agents, owners and tipsters with serious buying intentions. We reward self-employed real estate agents for all successful purchase offers with local brokercommission commissions. we guarantee a discreet and quick purchase for owners. Tipsters receive our E1 tipster commission of ten percent for successful recommendations.



After our purchase decision, we reliably implement the purchase and send you a confirmation of financing from the German bank as collateral.



As competent real estate agents, we visit the property on site, make a profound property valuation and create a professional offer for the purchase.



At E1 Investments, we handle every purchase of real estate in a completely discreet manner and treat your data as strictly confidential.



From the examination based on our purchase criteria for real estate to our purchase decision to the transfer of the purchase price, we assure you a quick processing.

Our promise: Discreet & Fast

If the property matches our purchase profile for real estate, we handle the purchase reliably, competently, discreetly and quickly.

The beginnings

Since 2007

In 2007 our founder Muharrem Erdogdu founded a real estate office in Wiesbaden in the Rhine-Main area. Success was not long in coming. This allowed our founder to gradually open up new divisions. In addition to the traditional brokerage of real estate for private individuals, a new field came to the fore: transactions of commercial real estate and apartment buildings for investors.

Communication is the key

Purchase criteria

Purchase of residential and other real estate in times of crisis

We buy properties of all kinds on the basis of our purchasing criteria, whether you offer us a residential complex, an undeveloped building plot, a hotel property, a care property or another property. E1 Investments Holding and Real Estate Fund companies are always looking for promising residential and commercial properties for real estate investors. Since investment properties are considered to be crisis-proof investments, we strive to buy real estate, especially in times of crisis.

Our purchase profile for real estate

Would you like to sell your residential property as soon as possible or do you have an interesting commercial property for a real estate investor as a real estate agent? Perhaps you know an undeveloped plot or an empty industrial property, which you can recommend to us as a tipster without being actively involved in the real estate market? No matter which of these target groups you come from, in terms of the purchase of residential and investment properties of a different kind, E1 Investments is your first point of contact. We check every offer, regardless of the form of the property, and assure you of a quick feedback.

Are you unsure whether your property corresponds to our purchase profile for real estate? Contact us, give us the object data and we will give you a secure feedback within three working days!

Purchase of real estate: offers from brokers

As a real estate franchisor, we constantly cooperate with independent brokers. This also applies to the purchase of investment properties for real estate investors. At E1 Investments Holding, offers from real estate agents are therefore always welcome, whether they concern residential or commercial real estate. If we realize the purchase of real estate by you as a broker, we pay you a local commission. Even if you decide against the corresponding property in your function as a real estate investor, your commission share is certain.

In summary: nationwide, per transaction of EUR 1 to 75 million, from 10 units, min. 3 return (depending on location), cities with a population of 10,000 or more

Purchase of properties with secure financing

We guarantee owners a professional, fast and discreet purchase of residential and commercial properties. If you offer us an object as a property owner, we process from your point of view as a secret sale. We keep quiet about the purchase process. Thanks to this discreet approach, this purchase is made without your neighbors or colleagues knowing about it. As a sign of our confidentiality, we will send you a privacy policy in advance.

Purchase seniors real estate

In the event of our purchase commitment, we guarantee you a smooth and fast process also in financial terms. We do not need financing for the purchase of properties with a volume of up to 25 million euros. This means that we do not have to rely on loan commitments and can thus process the purchase with our own resources, regardless of the bank. Immediately after our purchase decision, we will send you a confirmation of financing from the German bank.

As a real estate agent, let us receive your offer and secure your commission!

We are looking for houses, apartments, plots or commercial real estate for sale! Our competent team offers you a fast, smooth and careful handling when selling your property. After we have visited your property, we can inform you about our purchase decision within 2 days. You will receive a confirmation of financing from a German bank quickly and securely. So you are on the safe side.

Recommendation for real estate investors:

for tipsters

You are neither owner nor real estate agent, but do you know a residential complex, an apartment building, undeveloped land or commercial property that could be of interest to a real estate investor? During a purchase check, we are very happy to analyse whether the property or property meets our requirements profile for real estate. If we do not yet know the property and a successful purchase occurs, we will reward you as a tipster with a recommendation commission of ten percent.

Does your property correspond to our purchase profile for real estate?

Would you like to know whether your own property or brokerage property corresponds to our purchase profile for real estate? Let us provide all necessary information from location over usable area up to purchase price and we will carry out a professional purchase check!

Requirements profile for real estate: Which criteria decide?

Our work begins with a purchase check and, if the data is in accordance with our real estate requirements profile, it results in a purchase offer. For the pre-knowledge check, you provide us with information such as location, land, living and usable space as well as economic data. Based on this basic data, our experts collect and evaluate the respective property or property for the purchase of real estate. The result of this initial examination is available within two weeks. You will receive a memorandum of understanding including commission hedging. In return, you provide us with all necessary data and documents so that we can continue the purchase test of the property.

Are you unsure whether your property corresponds to our purchase profile for real estate? Contact us, give us the object data and we will give you a secure feedback within three working days!

How does the E1 purchase of real estate work?

You can contact E1 Investments by calling one of our real estate agents or filling out our contact form. With a first phone contact you will let us know more details about the property. Afterwards, a professional visit takes place. Within two days, we will inform you whether the property meets our purchase criteria for real estate and we are aiming for a purchase. Even at this stage, there is security in the form of a confirmation of financing. On the basis of a profound property valuation, we make you an offer for the purchase of the property. After successful agreement of the conditions, we handle the purchase of all residential and commercial properties quickly. This means that the owner receives the purchase price four weeks after the notary has been ordered.

What are the purchase criteria for real estate?

Our purchase criteria for real estate differ depending on whether they are residential property, real estate, commercial real estate, hotel real estate, special senior property or other types of real estate.

Purchase of residential real estate

E1 Holding is the right place to buy residential properties. As an investor in real estate, we are active nationwide to purchase residential complexes and apartment buildings with a volume of 1 million euros or more. We are specifically looking for plants from ten residential units. According to our purchasing criteria, real estate is interesting nationwide if it is located in cities with at least 10,000 inhabitants. In addition, when buying residential properties, we prefer properties with yield expectations of three percent or higher.

Our property locations

E1 International Investment Holding is one of the largest integrated real estate companies in Germany. For many years, the company has combined the construction and real estate activities of the group with the areas of development and real estate.


Muharrem Erdogdu

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Purchase of commercial real estate

When buying commercial real estate, we prefer to choose office properties, logistics properties and business parks. As we strive for wide-ranging investment investments, hotel properties, car parks, parks and industrial properties also fall within our requirements profile for commercial real estate. Wondering what our purchase profile for these properties looks like? In terms of commercial real estate, our focus is on the purchase of real estate nationwide with a volume of five to 120 million euros. We are looking for commercial properties with yield expectations of at least five percent. In the case of commercial real estate, we focus on locations in cities with a population of 100,000 or more.

read detailed purchase criteria for all types of real estate

Requirement profile detected

As a developer for residential real estate, we are particularly interested in building plots with building permits, which are intended for residential purposes. In doing so, we aim to purchase land for living with 50 or more residential units. What our requirements profile for real estate of this kind looks like depends on the local conditions of the building plot. In the case of building plots for housing, the land use and development plan in particular are decisive criteria. The residential units of such a property are either used as condominiums for their own housing needs or rented out as an investment to housing seekers. Building plots with building permits and project planning are also of interest to an investor as a real estate if there is a tenant or cash-rich tenant.

In view of the age structure of the population, E1 Investments is increasingly aiming to purchase nursing homes as well as hospitals and retirement homes nationwide. Health centres, medical centres and clinics also fall into the portfolio of real estate investors. Investments in nursing homes, including real estate, land ownership of a nursing home in cities with at least 10,000 inhabitants are considered popular investments. Due to the permanently secure return, many investors rely on real estate in the area of care. This is why senior citizens’ properties with a volume of 5 to 30 million euros and high-capital operators meet our purchase criteria for real estate. Yield expectations should be at least 4 percent.

As investors in real estate such as retail and shopping centres, we are looking for commercial properties of various kinds, including DIY stores, garden centres, local utilities and shopping centers. Our well-founded purchasing criteria for these properties are based in particular on the factors of location, good transport connections, industry and long-term stock retention. As sustainable real estate investors, we realize the purchase of commercial properties such as specialist markets and shopping centres with cash-rich tenants and tenants. Specialist real estate and other commercial properties nationwide and internationally fall within our requirements profile for real estate.

Our interest as an investor in real estate also relates to foreign real estate, including commercial and residential real estate. In this context, commercial properties with a long term and high-quality tenants correspond to our purchase profile for real estate. When buying residential properties from abroad, we focus on residential properties that have already been completed and generate returns. When it comes to foreign real estate, we prefer offers in the share deal.

Our E1 Investment Holding and its real estate property companies buy real estate nationwide and internationally on the basis of well-defined purchasing criteria. We will review your offer, treat your details confidentially and notify you of our decision within 14 days. As investment property experts, we only check the purchase of your property within the company in order to preserve the special importance of your property as an off-market property. As part of an in-depth review, we disclose our requirements profile and our strategies as real estate investors.

Successful real estate fund companies offer investors a broad portfolio of investments with different uses and risk classes. We are the ideal partner for Share Deal real estate offers. E1 Holding also participates as an investor in real estate and acts as a co-investor. In addition, we realize the purchase of residential properties in partial ownership if these apartments are suitable for retail sale. This is done taking into account the other partial owners with realistic chances of winning. Buying properties with social ties is also an option for us. This applies to the construction of new apartment buildings and residential complexes. We are also examining the purchase of residential properties with inheritance law. Such building plots with social ties lie in new construction areas, building gaps of residential areas or on meadows.

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